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Garyeong Water Fall
Garyeong Water Fall
5th site: Garyeong Waterfall / Location : Waya-ri, Naechon-myeon
The Garyeong waterfall hidden in towards the southwest at the foot of Mt. Baekam (1,099m) in the naturally hidden back lands and is also called Gaeryeong falls. The Garyeong waterfall became known recently when some mountain climbers looking to experience nature discovered it along with Mt. Baekam, and the way it falls shaking dozens of meters of cliff (50m) is magnificent. There are many different kinds of wild edible greens, medicinal herbs, and wild flowers growing around the area making it a paradise for mountain birds. The waters of Biraewol creek where the clean water that springs from a small mountain spring located at around 950m above sea level (a spring where medicinal water springs from) becomes the source of the 400 ri long Hongcheon river adds to the coolness of the Garyeong waterfall. The Garyeong waterfall is known for the way it remains concealed in the forest and is not easily spotted. There isn't a lot of human traces near the waterfall which makes the Garyeong waterfall one of the few waterfalls that still possesses clean water and a natural beauty.