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Sura Rice
Distinctive Features
Sura rice is a mid-season species that has strong disease resistance and lodging resistance capabilities allowing it to be grown using very environement-friendly methods that use little agrichemicals. It is a high quality species of rice that tastes great and maintains the taste of cooked rice longer that other species of rice. Hongcheon is a suitable place to produce Sura rice and Sura rice takes up 38% of all the cultivation area of Hongcheon. In Hongcheon Sura rice is grown in clean regions using clean and pure water and the rice ripens in aeras where the difference in temperature in the morning and at night is great, making the quality of the rice very high and the customers to love it.
The rice plants grown in the clean areas of Hongcheon are used as the ingredients.
Product use
Gift and eating
Sales units
Producing factories
 # Hongcheon Nonghyup Rice Factory ¡¡ (Directer Ahn Sun-Hyuk 82-33-434-8391)
 # Whachon Agriculture Co., Ltd Rice Factory(82-33-434-7729)
Purchase at
 # Hongcheon Nonghyup Hanaro-mart 82-33-434-8391
 # Icheon Agriculture(Gwanak-gu) 82-2-675-2528
 # Euddeum Agriculture(Myungil-dong, Seou) 82-2-3427-7114
 # Good Morning-mart(Yeongdeungpo) 82-2-833-1774
 # Korea-mart(Mok-dong) 82-33-2643-2626
 # Nonghyup, Seoul Headquarters(Seongnae-dong) 82-2-2224-8971
 # Yanggok Distribution(Inchon city) 82-32-429-5042
 # Hwado Nonghyup(Gyeonggi-do) 82-31-594-8602
 # Songsan Rice Yanggok Distribution(Uijeongbu-si) 82-31-846-8957
 # Ssaljipajeossi(Seongnam-si) 82-31-713-4652
 # Nonghyup Hanaro-mart, Chuncheon (Soyang store) 82-33-253-8030
 # Nonghyup Hanaro-mart, Chuncheon(Hupyeong-dong) 82-33-253-8011
 # Livestock Cooperation, Chuncheon(Onui-dong) 82-33-243-8106